Bangbang Yang


I obtained my Ph.D. degree from the ZJU3DV group of State Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University in 2022, advised by Prof. Guofeng Zhang and Prof. Zhaopeng Cui. Before that, I got my bachelor degree from Hefei University of Technology.

I have a broader interest in 3D vision/graphics and its XR applications, including 3D content generation and editing (3D AIGC), neural rendering, 3D scene understanding.


DreamSpace: Dreaming Your Room Space with Text-Driven Panoramic Texture Propagation
arXiv Preprint
Bangbang Yang, Wenqi Dong, Lin Ma, Wenbo Hu, Xiao Liu, Zhaopeng Cui, Yuewen Ma
Paper / Project Page
Tri-MipRF: Tri-Mip Representation for Efficient Anti-Aliasing Neural Radiance Fields
ICCV 2023 (Oral, Best Paper Finalist)
Wenbo Hu, Yuling Wang, Lin Ma, Bangbang Yang, Lin Gao, Xiao Liu, Yuewen Ma
Paper / Project Page
SINE: Semantic-driven Image-based NeRF Editing with Prior-guided Editing Field
CVPR 2023
Chong Bao*, Yinda Zhang*, Bangbang Yang*, Tianxing Fan, Zesong Yang, Hujun Bao, Guofeng Zhang, Zhaopeng Cui
(equal contribution)
Paper / Project Page / Code
NeuMesh: Learning Disentangled Neural Mesh-based Implicit Field for Geometry and Texture Editing
ECCV 2022 (Oral)
Bangbang Yang*, Chong Bao*, Junyi Zeng, Hujun Bao, Yinda Zhang, Zhaopeng Cui, Guofeng Zhang
(equal contribution)
Paper / Project Page / Code
Neural Rendering in a Room: Amodal 3D Understanding and Free-Viewpoint Rendering for the Closed Scene Composed of Pre-Captured Objects
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2022)
Bangbang Yang, Yinda Zhang, Yijin Li, Zhaopeng Cui, Sean Fanello, Hujun Bao, Guofeng Zhang
Paper / Project Page / Code
Factorized and Controllable Neural Re-Rendering of Outdoor Scene for Photo Extrapolation
ACM MM 2022 (Oral)
Boming Zhao*, Bangbang Yang*, Zhenyang Li, Zuoyue Li, Guofeng Zhang, Jiashu Zhao, Dawei Yin, Zhaopeng Cui, Hujun Bao
(equal contribution)
Paper / Project Page / Code
Learning Object-Compositional Neural Radiance Field for Editable Scene Rendering
ICCV 2021
Bangbang Yang, Yinda Zhang, Yinghao Xu, Yijin Li, Han Zhou, Hujun Bao, Guofeng Zhang, Zhaopeng Cui
Paper / Project Page / Code
LatentHuman: Shape-and-Pose Disentangled Latent Representation for Human Bodies
3DV 2021
Sandro Lombardi*, Bangbang Yang*, Tianxing Fan, Hujun Bao, Guofeng Zhang, Marc Pollefeys, Zhaopeng Cui
(equal contribution)
Paper / Project Page
Graph-based Asynchronous Event Processing for Rapid Object Recognition
ICCV 2021
Yijin Li, Han Zhou, Bangbang Yang, Ye Zhang, Zhaopeng Cui, Hujun Bao, Guofeng Zhang
VS-Net: Voting with Segmentation for Visual Localization
CVPR 2021
Zhaoyang Huang, Han Zhou, Yijin Li, Bangbang Yang, Yan Xu, Xiaowei Zhou, Hujun Bao, Guofeng Zhang, Hongsheng Li
Paper / Project Page / Code

Survey and Evaluation of Monocular Visual-Inertial SLAM Algorithms for Augmented Reality
VR-IH 2019
Jinyu Li, Bangbang Yang, Danpeng Chen, Nan Wang, Guofeng Zhang, Hujun Bao
Paper / Project Page / Code

Robust and Efficient Visual-Inertial Odometry with Multi-plane Priors
PRCV 2019
Jinyu Li, Bangbang Yang, Kai Huang, Guofeng Zhang, and Hujun Bao
Paper / Video1 / Video2 / Code


  • 2017~Current: Ph.D in Computer Science at State Key Lab of CAD&CG of Zhejiang University.
  • 2018~2019: Research intern at Sensetime, Hangzhou.
  • 2013~2017: B.Eng. in Electronic Engineering at Hefei University of Technology.

  • Selected Awards

  • Second Prize in China Graduate AI Innovation Competition: 2021
  • Outstanding Intern at Sensetime: 2019
  • National Scholarship: 2015, 2016 (Ranked 1/131)
  • Second Prize in National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest: 2016